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The Duxbury Rural and Historical Society was founded in 1883 as an improvement society, and by the 1890s, had an increasing interest in conservation and historical projects. The earliest land acquisition was around 1895, making DRHS one of the oldest land conservation entities in America! This was done at a time in Duxbury’s history when there were no other conservation organizations able to engage in this type of endeavor.

Today, the DRHS is joined by many other conservation entities and our role has evolved, but the DRHS still owns more than 150 acres of land in Duxbury and Plymouth. Different parcels serve different purposes: some are maintained in conjunction with historic buildings; some are for recreation, and are open for public use; a few are reserved for the use of DRHS Members; and, many are held in preservation for the benefit of the wider community.

The DRHS has an active Lands Committee which is charged with creating processes and procedures for responsible land management of DRHS holdings. Any questions about DRHS lands should be directed to the Executive Director, Erin McGough, at 781-934-6106 or

All use of lands is subject to responsible use, as well as rules and regulations. All users are advised that they use the land “at their own risk.”


Below is a partial description of Lands owned by DRHS.

Click on the link to learn more about each property.


Allen Property (Crescent St.)

Ashdod Triangle (Elm St.)

Brewster Lilacs (Marshall St.)

Bumpus Park (King Caesar Rd.)

Clark’s Island/Cedarfield

Hunt Park (Marshall St.)

Lapham Woods (Tremont/Depot Sts.)

Maxwell Garden (Washington St., Blue Fish River)

Millbrook Triangle & Crescent (St. George & Tremont Sts.)

Nudd Parcel (Tremont St.)

Round Pond (Mayflower Ave.)

Russell Sanctuary (Elm St.)

Second Meeting House Lot (Chestnut St.)

Spar Soak (Powder Point Ave.)

Tarkiln Corner (Summer St.)







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