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1807 Dateboard Society: 22 Winsor Street

Please join the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society’s

1807 Dateboard Society at

22 Winsor Street, home of Darren & Caitlin Humphreys

Mingle, enjoy company and a light snack, as you view the Humphreys’ home at 22 Winsor Street, Duxbury.  22 Winsor Street was built around 1820 by two brothers, Lewis and Alden Winsor,  to accommodate two growing families. DRHS Historian Carolyn Ravenscroft will be on hand to share some of the house’s history and introduce you to the Dateboarding program, a crucial program for appreciation and preservation of our town’s historic buildings and history.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own stories or questions, as this is a great way to get to know other historic house owners in Duxbury. A warm thank you to Darren & Caitlin Humphreys for generously agreeing to host this event.

This is a free and exclusive event for DRHS Members who live in Dateboarded homes (the 1807 Dateboard Society) and select members of the public who are engaged in the preservation of historic houses.  RSVP required; spaces are limited. Please call 781-934-6106 or email


The Dateboarding Program is maintained by the DRHS and supports historic preservation in Duxbury.  The first dateboard was awarded in 1968 to the Nathaniel Winsor Jr. House (coincidentally, now the headquarters of the DRHS). Today, there are more than 250 houses in Duxbury that have been dateboarded. DRHS Members who also live in Dateboarded homes are considered to be part of the 1807 Dateboard Society and have access to exclusive opportunities.

New homes may be added to the list once they reach 100 years old and the deed research has been completed. Interested in finding out more? Contact Carolyn Ravenscroft at 781-934-1382 or




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