The Duxbury Rural & Historical Society

Historic Clothing Exhibit & Gallery Talk

Visit the Duxbury Free Library during the months of February and March to view a new exhibition installed by the DRHS Clothing and Textile Committee. This month features a dressing gown that was a gift to Helen Peterson Bailey from her husband, Capt. Bailey. A free gallery talk is offered on Friday, February 1, 11 am. All are welcome. Threads of Duxbury’s Past is a multi-year collaboration between the DRHS Historic Clothing & Textiles Committee and the Duxbury Free Library.

Helen Peterson Bailey’s story is told in DRHS’s new research project, “Duxbury’s Women at Sea.” More than 35 Duxbury women have been identified, who sailed to various ports around the world during the 19th century. “Duxbury’s Women at Sea” is one of the lectures to be presented at the Bradford History Symposium on March 23. The theme for the Symposium is “Hidden Figures in American History” and takes place at the Duxbury Free Library. While you attend the Symposium, pop upstairs to take at look at Bailey’s dressing gown on display in the second floor resource area! More information on the Symposium at



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