The Duxbury Rural & Historical Society

Tour of Pilgrim Hall Museum for Lifetime Members

Tour of Pilgrim Hall Museum for Lifetime Members, March 21 (11 am). In addition to a tour of the permanent collection, visitors will be able to view the current exhibit: Wampanoag World: Patuxet to Plymouth. The tour will last around 1.5 hours. RSVP required.

The exhibit looks at who the original residents of Plymouth were.  The exhibit captures the vitality and persistence of the Wampanoag people of Patuxet through 10,000 years of lived experience to the founding of Plymouth Colony in 1620.

The tour will be greeted with remarks from PHM Executive Director, Donna Curtin. This program is offered free of charge and is limited to DRHS Lifetime Members, in gratitude for their support.

Visit for more information on Pilgrim Hall Museum.

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