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Publication1 HolidayHoliday Gift Package. This holiday season give a “piece of local history” with a Duxbury Rural & Historical Society Gift Package. Specially priced at $95, this package includes the hardcover book, Duxbury…Past and Present and a 1-year family membership to the DRHS. The gift will be wrapped in our very own Duxbury-themed paper. Deadline for securing orders by Christmas is Friday, December 16, 2016. Membership benefits can be viewed at: Membership package may be applied to new memberships only.

Price: $95 + tax

NEW! Duxbury Ancient and Modern

A revised and updated edition of a key source on Duxbury’s early homesteads and by-ways is released in celebration of Duxbury’s 375th anniversary. The full color booklet includes an inserted map.

Price: $19.13, includes tax

King Caesar of Duxbury

An in-depth look at the Westons, Duxbury’s legendary shipbuilding family and particular the career of Ezra Weston II, known as “King Caesar.”

Price: $29.70, includes tax

Old Colony Wildflowers

Old Colony Wildflowers

Provides delightful descriptions, historical anecdotes and stunning color photographs of over 65 flowers, bushes and trees found in the Old Colony area.

Price: $24.38, includes tax

Stopping Places Along Duxbury Roads

Stopping Places Along Duxbury Roads

Takes readers through dozens of historic houses in Duxbury that were once ordinaries, tea rooms, or hostelries of some sort—from the earliest taverns of the Pilgrim generation, to the remarkable Victorian hotels built during Duxbury’s vibrant era as a vacation resort.

Price: $21.20, includes tax

Settlement and Growth of Duxbury, 1628-1870

Settlement and Growth of Duxbury, 1628-1870

Traces the early centuries of Duxbury’s history. Wentworth locates historic sites, Indian trails, tells curious tales of the early days, and describes shipbuilding in Duxbury.

Price: $26.51, includes tax

Duxbury Past & Present

Duxbury Past & Present

Duxbury Past & Present (book only). A fascinating collection of 75 historical views of Duxbury compared side-by-side with 75 present day photographs of the same locations in full color, Duxbury…Past and Present captures the amazing changes that Duxbury has seen since the 19th century.

Price: $42.50, includes tax

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Welcome to the Neighborhood Package: For Realtors & Their Clients. Package includes a copy of Duxbury…Past and Present and a 1 year gift membership in the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society for your clients. Give those new Duxbury residents a gift that keeps giving all year long. Package comes gift wrapped and ready for presentation to your client. Membership benefits can be viewed at: Membership package may be applied to new memberships only. 

price: $95, plus tax

The Alden Family in the Alden House

Wentworth in this friendly history has caught the spirit of the Alden House and its people, beginning with John and Priscilla Alden and recounting the history of the sixteen Aldens who owned the house over a period of more than 240 years.

Price: $28.63, includes tax

Duxbury…An Album

A visit to Duxbury’s past through photos, maps, broadsides, trade cards, and advertising. Over 280 images in all.

Price: $26.51, includes tax

Duxbury Bay

A history of yachting and racing on Duxbury Bay including detailed information on classes of boats built and sailed locally.

Price: $10.57, includes tax

1903 Map of Duxbury Poster

Price: $21.25, includes tax
Booklet on archaeological dig at the Brewster Homestead in Duxbury.

Digging Duxbury: The Brewster Homestead’s Archaeological Past

A 12 page booklet detailing the findings of the DRHS 2012 dig on the Brewster Homestead in Duxbury. The dig recovered more than 17,000 artifacts dating from 4,000 BCE to the late 19th century, and discovered evidence of 17th century occupation on the site. 

Price: $5.31, includes tax

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