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The Duxbury Rural & Historical Society has a long history of offering school programs to Duxbury schools, free of charge.  The DRHS welcomes over 1,000 school children each year, in addition to school administration, new teachers, and teacher professional days. These programs engage school children and volunteers, connecting generations and helping to pass on the history of our community.

Programs can be developed or adapted to suit the needs of changing curriculum or specific interests of a teacher. We also invite other school systems, children’s groups and organizations, and homeschoolers to inquire as to availability, if they wish to visit. Inquiries can be directed to Sabrina Kaplan, Outreach Manager,


Current school programs offered by DRHS:


THIRD GRADE – A Village Evolves

Each third grade class visits the Archives for approximately 45 minutes

  • Students gather around the “Village Evolves” map and the growth of the early settlement of the town is illustrated by adding items to the map – rivers, roads, houses, meeting house, etc. Focus on geographic, ecological and developmental needs of an early community.


THIRD GRADE – Shipbuilding in Duxbury

Each third grade class visits the King Caesar House on a walking tour. Once at the house, they participate in sequential learning through stations in the house, gardens, and Potter Gallery.

  • Stations include hands-on activities about Weston’s shipbuilding, hearing the story of the Pirate ship steeple, viewing the Weston partner’s business desk, knot tying, rope walk and flags, measuring different types of ships on the grounds of the historic house, exploring objects on display for their connection to Duxbury shipbuilding (wallpaper, clipper ship painting, spyglass), learning about the preservation of the house, and learning about the shipment of cotton and its connection to slave labor and northern economy.


FOURTH GRADE – Shipbuilding in Duxbury

Each fourth grade class visits the Archives to learn about Duxbury’s maritime era for approximately 45 minutes.

  • Stations include: history, launching a ship, what did the ships look like (Model ship); becoming a crewmember – crew lists, seaman’s papers, charts, navigational tools


FIFTH GRADE – Archives and Revolutionary War

Each fifth grade class meets at the Archives to learn about the role of an archivist, tour the Archives and discuss how history is created by everyone, not only famous people from the past. Revolutionary war documents and object are also on display and discussed.


SIXTH GRADE – Primary Sources

Sixth grade Social Studies classes visit the Archives to examine primary source documents.

  • Students are provided a worksheet created by the Library of Congress and examine primary source material. They work in groups to answer questions about items on display.


SEVENTH GRADE – Primary Sources

Seventh grade Social Studies classes visit the Archives to examine primary source documents. This program will build on what the students have learned in their 5th and 6th grade visits.

  • Students work in groups to examine boxes of archival material and play the role of archivist, creating a “collection” that can be used by future researchers.


HS JUNIORS – Abolition AND Exhibit

  • DRHS Archivist & Historian Carolyn Ravenscroft lectures at the High School on Abolition in Duxbury, in conjunction with the English classes reading Frederick Douglass’ autobiography and viewing the movie, Twelve Years a Slave.
  • Junior College Prep US History Classes visit the Archives – option to curate an exhibit (e.g. WWII in Duxbury) or read letters from the Depression era.



Internship at the Drew Archival Library, for class credit. Must register with the school to participate.

  • 1-3 students per semester come to the Archives one period a day and work on various projects.
  • High School Juniors and Seniors are also welcome to train to become summer volunteer Tour Guides at DRHS historic houses.

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