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Duxbury Our Pilgrim Story (Available Now)

2020 Holiday Gift idea for book lovers on your list as well as “friends and family”. Very readable for all ages. Engage with the voices of 12 local historians as they tell the story of early Duxbury leading up to 1627.  Follow Native American path “First Highway”  through Duxbury’s Town Forest. Engage with stories about Pilgrim leaders as they settled “across the Bay” in future Duxbury and defined land rights for the Colony.

Duxbury’s commemorative publication for Plymouth 400 featuring essays by twelve local historians each with a unique look into Duxbury’s early settlers. Also featured is a compelling perspective by an independent scholar of the Wampanoag nation. Developed for the Plymouth 400 commemoration by the Alden House Historic Site, Duxbury Rural & Historical Society, and Duxbury 2020, Inc.

Essays include Duxbury’s Archeological History ٭ Clark’s Island: From Pilgrims to Today ٭ Duxbury’s Early Lands & Leaders ٭ Adventuresome William Collier ٭  Backstory to Colonization ٭ John and Priscilla Alden of Duxbury ٭ Day-to-Day Life in the 17th Century ٭ Priscilla & Her Children ٭ Along Ancient Paths ٭ Searching for the Old Burying Ground ٭ The Delano Family ٭ and Duxbury’s Myles Standish Monument.


” …. this book majors in keeping to the 17th century with extensive end notes for further ancestor research. Beautifully illustrated with photographs of monuments, ancient documents and map comparisons of how the land looked then and now”.  —Beth Lambert, Governor, Oregon Mayflower Society


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