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Departure of Lori Rohleder, Outreach Manager

I am sad to say that Lori Rohleder, our Outreach Manager, is departing for a new full time job at Blue Cross, Blue Shield. Next Wednesday (9/20) is her last day.

Lori first came to DRHS in fall 2013, as a temporary administrative assistant. This was during our transition and many of our positions were being recast. Lori stuck with us, however, and quickly moved into the new position of Outreach Manager, becoming indispensable in a variety of areas from membership development, to volunteer cultivation and event/program management. She has brought the DRHS to a new level of professionalism and success in these many areas, most recently completing the year of the Volunteer, “Find YOUR place at DRHS!.” I am very grateful to Lori for her wisdom, enthusiasm and cheerful smile – even at the end of a long day running big events like Christmas at King Caesar! Although she is going on to great things, we will miss Lori. I hope you will all join me in issuing a heartfelt “thank you” to Lori for her contributions. –Erin McGough, Executive Director.