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Volunteer Recognition Awards, January 2014

Each year at the Annual Meeting, the DRHS recognizes the outstanding contributions of its volunteers through the Volunteer Recognition Awards.  The Society could not function without its volunteers and we are pleased to honor those selected as this year’s recipients.


Volunteer Recognition Award in Preservation – Anne Williams

Mrs. Williams has long been involved in the Society’s textile collection, logging new acquisitions, doing research, cleaning up old issues, and ensuring that the collection is cared for in a professional manner. In addition to her volunteer work, we are presenting this particular preservation award for her unfailing and substantive support of the sampler collection. She has become an advocate for education about the sampler collection’s condition, and she has become a donor to help support these efforts. Anne Williams, thank you for understanding of the importance of long range planning in collections care, and that collections care requires many different levels of support.

Volunteer Recognition Award in Education – Toni Orosz

Toni Orosz has been a long-time volunteer in many areas of the Society’s activities, including preservation and tours. This year she volunteered to give a public presentation at the library on the Society’s collection. It is no small feat for a seasoned professional to speak publicly and for a volunteer to do this is truly a remarkable contribution. We thank Mrs. Orosz for her energy, knowledge, and her contributions to furthering education and outreach on the Society’s collections, and in doing so, the DRHS thanks Mrs. Orosz for her presentation, “Hats, Hats, Hats” at the Duxbury Public Library.

Volunteer Recognition Award in Activities – Selden Tearse

Ms. Tearse volunteered her energy and expertise to our annual King Caesar Christmas Member’s Party. She started months ahead of the event, gathering recipes and organizing an online sign up for the donations of hors d’oeuvres to the party. This new initiative engaged dozens of volunteers, and the donations were plentiful, delicious, and arrived in perfect order. Ms. Tearse also volunteered to personally staff the kitchen on the evening of the party, ensuring that the event went off with tremendous success. Thank you to Selden Tearse for her efforts this year.


The Volunteer of the Year award is given annually for outstanding volunteer contribution in many areas. This year we have two recipients who reached above and beyond to seek out and meet the Society’s needs.

Volunteer Recognition Award, Volunteer of the Year – Ashley Mohrman

Volunteer Recognition Award, Volunteer of the Year – Jessica Tyler

Ashley Mohrman has served as a Trustee and has lent her expertise in many areas, this year in particular, to the search for a new Administrative Coordinator as well as Executive Director. She was also instrumental in this year’s Christmas at King Caesar, becoming involved many months ahead of the event and helping us at a time when we were severely short-staffed. She organized a committee of volunteers to plan the Members’ party, including orchestration of beverages and the decoration of the tent. Ms. Mohrman also personally organized for the acoustic guitar and music trio that performed at the event, in keeping with this year’s theme of “Holiday Songs.” Thank you to Ashley Mohrman for her ongoing and substantial support of the DRHS.

Jessica Tyler is the second recipient of the Volunteer of the Year Award. She is also a trustee, and is Clerk to the Board. Her involvement in the DRHS is wide ranging, including serving on the Nominations Committee. This year in particular she has lent her personal experience to help restructure and manage event rentals at our historic properties, answering inquiries and vetting applicants, again filling in when we were short staffed.  Ms. Tyler helped to orchestrate the reception given in honor of Patrick Browne’s departure from DRHS, and she worked with Selden Tearse  to organize the donations of food to the Christmas Party. She also personally supervised the kitchen on the night of the party, ensuring a successful event. Thank you to Jessica Tyler for everything that she does to make sure that the DRHS continues to grow and evolve.