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Volunteer Spotlight: Brendhan West

Brendhan & Caitlin West, and daughter, Olivia.

Volunteer Spotlight: Brendhan West.

Originally from Minnesota, Brendhan and his wife recently settled in Duxbury. He has volunteered at the DRHS in a number of ways and we are grateful to Brendhan West for time, efforts and friendship.


How did you find us?

“Upon moving to Duxbury with my family, I made an effort to get to know my new community, so I became involved with the Duxbury Senior Center and the Duxbury Rural and Historical Society.”


How did you become involved?

“My initial introduction to the DRHS was by attending the talks the DRHS presents at the Senior Center, volunteering in the 3rd grade school tours with DRHS Historian and Archivist, Carolyn Ravenscroft, volunteering to help clean out King Caesar House and the Bradford House, and keeping score at the Croquet Tournament.”

“It was around this time when my wife was pregnant that I learned from my father about some of my ancestors’ connections to Duxbury.  With the family lineage research guidance of Carolyn Ravenscroft, I soon discovered exactly how connected I already was to this area, and the depth of it all.” West discovered that he is a great-great grandson of William Bradford!


What is your favorite aspect of being a part of DRHS?

“My favorite part is volunteering with Carolyn and the 3rd grade class. Learning and listening to both the students and Carolyn is awesome. We live in one of the oldest documented parts of the country. Where people from all over came together as a community to raise families. We feel very fortunate to continue the traditions of our founders.”


Why do you choose to support the DRHS?

“Although there are many personal connections for me and my family which make Duxbury’s history so important to me, Duxbury itself played such a major role in our nation’s history. I have learned so much from what has been provided by the DRHS.  It is a wonderful resource and a great way to be involved in the community.  I have also met so many incredible people who have a shared appreciation and passion for history.”