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Allen Property

Community Notice – Duxbury Rural and Historical Society’s Standish Shore Beach, the Allen Property
The DRHS would like to inform the community that our property at 28 Crescent Street is held under a strict conservation restriction intended to protect the fragile wildlife and natural resources of the area. For this reason, access to the property is limited to DRHS members from 9am-6pm Monday-Friday, and parking for 6 cars.  Fires, smoking, alcohol, trash, or other disturbances on this beautiful piece of property are prohibited. These regulations, and the need to state them publicly, are the result of repeated misuse of the property. Already this season, we have had incidents of trespassing and vandalism. The trespassing was particularly concerning because an after-dark bonfire was left unattended on a night when a Red Flag Warning had been issued indicating high fire risk. The issues we’ve faced threaten public safety, stretch our resources as a small organization, and challenge the priority of conserving this property.
The mission of the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society is to be a “responsible steward of our historic buildings, museum objects, archives, and lands, and we welcome all audiences to learn along with us, explore our collections, and interpret the unfolding, diverse stories of Duxbury’s history.” We share this notice to ask for your support in preserving the Allen Property, and we welcome you to join us at our lands, houses, and events this summer. For more information, please visit: www.duxburyhistory.org .

The Allen property consists of 13 acres of land and a house donated to the DRHS by Eleanor Wyllys Allen in 1980. The property was once part of a larger estate on the southern end of the “Nook” owned by Eleanor’s grandfather, Stephen Allen. The Allen family summered on this property for three generations. Stephen Allen also planned a rail spur and hotel which were never built. He gave 60 acres of his land on Captain’s Hill to the Myles Standish Monument Association for the building of the Myles Standish Monument. His son, Horace Allen, inherited the Allen estate and, in turn, passed it on to his three daughters: Eleanor, Beatrice and Rosamund. Eleanor, a graduate of Radcliffe College, noted legal scholar and author, gave her portion to the DRHS. Rosamund died in at age 101 in 2000 and conveyed her portion to the Unitarian Universalist Church (Cedar Hill Retreat Center). Beatrice’s portion is privately owned.

Eleanor Allen, Radcliffe College, ca. 1920. DRHS Collection, Drew Archival Collection.

The Allen Property is under a strict conservation restriction that is held by a third party, the Wildlands Trust. This restriction limits the usage, activity, and development of the property and the partnership between the DRHS and the Wildlands Trust will ensure that the Allen property’s scenic and unique character will be protected for generations to come.

Rules and regulations are posted on the property and adherence is required by all visitors at all times.

  • The Allen Property is available for visitation by DRHS Members only from approximately 9 am to 6 pm (approximately late May- late August). Gates are locked at 6 pm.
  • A caretaker on site may inquire after your membership.
  • Parking at the property is limited to 6 cars at one time.
  • Parking is in indicated spots ONLY and no one is to block emergency traffic access through the driveway gate. Violators will be towed.
  • Please no fires, smoking, alcohol, trash or other disturbances on this beautiful piece of property. The caretaker’s cottage and adjoining property are off limits to visitation.

Thank you.