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Our People

Our Staff

Executive Director: Sabrina Kaplan, skaplan@duxburyhistory.org

Office Administrator/Function & Rentals: Cheryl LaLonde, clalonde@duxburyhistory.org

Outreach Manager: Susie Uitti, suitti@duxburyhistory.org

Archivist & Historian: Carolyn Ravenscroft, cravenscroft@duxburyhistory.org

Museum Collections Manager/Museum Visitor Services: Claire Senatore csenatore@duxburyhistory.org

Volunteer Chair: Deb Casagrande, volunteers@duxburyhistory.org

Board of Trustees 2023

Donna Wood, President

Nancy von Stackleberg, Treasurer

Peter Rapelye

Pat Loring, Clerk

Joy Bannon

Barbara Hayes

Woody Lawson

Jayne Talmage O’Farrell

Drew Strawbridge

Paul Wales

Georgia Taft Pye

Scott Zoltowski

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