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Our People

Our Staff

Executive Director: Erin McGough, emcgough@duxburyhistory.org

Office Manager/Functions & Rental Info: Carly Olson, colson@duxburyhistory.org

Outreach Manager: Sabrina Kaplan, skaplan@duxburyhistory.org

Archivist & Historian: Carolyn Ravenscroft, cravenscroft@duxburyhistory.org

Museum Collections Manager: Melanie Correia, mcorreia@duxburyhistory.org

Visitor Services Coordinator (seasonal): Peter Donohoe, pdonohoe@duxburyhistory.org

Volunteer Chair: Deb Casagrande, volunteers@duxburyhistory.org

Board of Trustees 2019

Sally Redmond, President (boardpresident@duxburyhistory.org)

John P. Bear, Treasurer

William McArdle, Clerk

Amy Annis

Scott Casagrande

Barbara Hayes

Pat Loring

Peter Rapelye

Jayne Talmage O’Farrell

Drew Strawbridge

Paul Wales

Donna Wood