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Nudd Parcel

This property was sold to the DRHS in 1964 by Frank Nudd and was formerly owned by Robert H. Pierce (1949) and Ruth W. Harper (1947). The beautiful stretch of land, near to Tremont Street, has an old herring run and much natural appeal.

The Nudd Parcel is near Mill Pond, where once ice was harvested once it became 8″ thick. They would saw through the ice with long saws, pulling the large, heavy blocks onto sledges which they dragged to nearby storage buildings. There the blocks were covered with sawdust and piled high. So well insulated, the blocks would last through the summer and ice cut from these blocks would be delivered to area homes and businesses. The ice business survived until the 1940s, by which time most homeowners had bought refrigerators.

Ice harvesting, Millbrook Pond ca. 1935. Photo: Phil  Swanson, reproduced in DRHS’s “Duxbury: An Album” (2004).
Ice house at Mill Pond, off Tremont Street, Island Creek, ca. 1950. Photo: Ann Noyes, reproduced in DRHS’s “Duxbury: An Album” (2004).