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Lapham Woods

Purchased in 1931 and 1952, Lapham Woods includes approximately 36 acres of land located on either side of the corner at Tremont and Depot Streets. This iconic stretch of wooded property protects the scenic approach to Town Hall and the First Parish Church buildings.

The name, Lapham, is taken from one of the selling parties. The parcel includes on the east side the Smith Family tomb, which is maintained by the Cemetery Department. The Smith family farm was located across Depot Street. Members of the family, including Benjamin Smith, Sr., Benjamin Smith, Jr., and their wives, were buried in the crypt there. There are portraits of Benjamin Smith, Jr. and his wife, Margaret, on display at the King Caesar House museum. Smith was a master mariner and captain of some of the largest ships in the Weston fleet.

Lapham Woods is intended for conservation purposes, but there are some trails available to the public. The DRHS does not provide any warranty on the use or safety of these trails. Refer to the map below for the trails, or download a copy here: Lapham Woods Trail Map.

View of Lapham Woods & Town Hall, ca. 2006.
View of Lapham Woods and Town Hall, ca. 1910. Collection of the DRHS, Drew Archival Library.