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Clark’s Island/Cedarfield

The DRHS owns approximately 17 acres of land on Clark’s Island, located in Plymouth Bay. These holdings include land on the west shore, the eastern shore, Pulpit Rock, a boat house called Hop House, and the house property known as Cedarfield (built in 1836 and the second-oldest house on the island). The property was donated to the DRHS in 1969 by the Pilgrim Rock Foundation. The property had been part of the estate of Sarah Wingate Taylor (d. 1964).

Sarah’s summers, since infancy, were spent at her ancestral home on Clark’s Island in Plymouth Bay.  During her time, eight of the Island’s ten houses were still owned by her relations, the Watson and Taylor families.  Her most precious possession was Cedarfield, the second oldest house on the Island and nearby Election Rock where the Pilgrim explorers spent their first Sabbath.  There she directed the Pilgrim Rock School for American Studies beginning in 1963, inviting talented students and scholars to engage in discussion and advanced learning. Notable visitors to the island throughout the history of the house, include Henry David Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott, and Truman Capote.

Each year in July/August, the DRHS invites the public to join us at Cedarfield for a picnic, followed by a gathering at Pulpit Rock for a historical perspective on the wonderful island. Pulpit Rock has sometimes been called “the real Plymouth Rock” and was the location at which the passengers of the Mayflower held their first service in the New World, before venturing further into the harbor.

This property is private property and has a caretaker present. Visitation is possible during the summer season. For more information or to make an appointment for your visit, please call 781-934-6106. Thank you.

Cedarfield (1836), Clark’s Island, ca. 2015.
Hop House, Clark’s Island, ca. 2015.
Annual Clark’s Island Picnic, ca. 2015. Photo: Mary Schiess.
Ceremony at Pulpit Rock, annual Clark’s Island Picnic. Speaker: Patrick Browne, ca. 2015.
Cedarfield, Clark’s Island. Photo ca. 1890. Collection of the DRHS, Drew Archival Library.