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DRHS to Publish Results of 2012 Brewster Homestead Archaeology

Brewster Homestead Archaeological Dig


We hope you had the opportunity to see our recent exhibition, “Digging Duxbury: The Brewster Homestead’s Archaeological Past.” This exhibition presents the findings of our 2012 archaeological dig on the Brewster Homestead site, including recovered proof of 17th century occupation. If you have not yet seen the exhibition, you have one more opportunity on Sunday, October 20th at 1 pm. Interim Director & Collections Manager, Erin McGough, will give a Gallery Talk at this time, presenting the findings of the dig. This exhibition was funded through the generosity of the Seth Sprague Education and Charitable Foundation.

The Sprague Foundation is also funding a booklet to be published this fall, documenting the project and its conclusions. This professionally-designed booklet will be distributed to DRHS membership at no charge; an additional number of booklets will be available for purchase through our office. The Sprague Foundation is also funding an interpretive marker to be placed upon the site.