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Protecting Lands: Lapham Woods & Round Pond

The Duxbury Rural & Historical Society was founded in 1883 as an improvement society, and by the 1890s, had an increasing interest in conservation and historical projects, including its earliest land acquisition in the 1890s of land at Round Pond, making DRHS one of the oldest land conservation entities in America! Today, the DRHS still owns more than 150 acres of land in Duxbury and Plymouth and for generations has carefully worked to preserve these special spots in Duxbury.

Lapham Woods (on the right and left), viewed approaching Town Hall down Depot Street.

In February 2021 the DRHS decided to take this commitment to conservation and preservation a step further and formalized a Conservation Restriction on properties owned at Round Pond and Lapham Woods in Duxbury. The Conservation Restriction permanently and legally protects in perpetuity nearly 90 acres of woodlands, including some of the most appreciated and iconic landscapes in town.

The decision to implement a Conservation Restriction on these properties was recommended by the DRHS Lands Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees during 2020. The Conservation Restriction will be held by the Duxbury Conservation Commission, and was approved by the Duxbury Board of Selectmen in February of 2021. Final approval by the State of Massachusetts is expected sometime in the coming weeks.

Once approved, the Conservation Restriction will join others on DRHS Properties, including one at the Allen Property and one on the Brewster Lilacs. Other Conservation Restrictions are under consideration by the DRHS.

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