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Letter Subscription (2020)


12 carefully-curated Duxbury letters, selected from the Drew Archives of the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society and delivered to the recipient of your choice on a monthly basis. Perfect for any History-lover!

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  • 12 carefully-curated Duxbury letters, selected from the Drew Archives of the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society.
  • Reproduced on quality stationary with transcriptions, supplemental images and contextual information.
  • Envelopes sealed with wax, and one letter packaged delivered each month to the recipient of your choice.
  • Delivery starts mid- January.

Reviews from past recipients:

“When I received my monthly DRHS letter subscription as a holiday gift last December, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but once I opened my first letter I was completely hooked!  They are very well designed, and provide colorful historical snippets unique to Duxbury, which makes you pause and realize how truly special our town is!  I look forward to receiving them now every month and have already added it to my Christmas list for this year.  Well done…I strongly recommend!” -Morgan Mohrman, Duxbury

“What a wonderful gift I gave to myself when I subscribed to the DRHS Letter Subscription Service this year. Sealed with carefully designed wax seals, each is delightful and enlightening in its own way. Included with a copy of each letter is a transcription, background information, and a copy of a photo or other item to draw us into the period of history in which the letter was written. I am always surprised and excited when the mail delivers one of these letters from the past. I feel that I am there for a bit of time, out at sea, studying at school, at church, caring for my family at home, at a battleground in the South, in Boston and environs, visiting friends and relatives, etc.  One does not have to be a Duxbury resident to enjoy these letters.  While they may be local, they also have general appeal for anyone who is interested in history. Thank you, DRHS, for this creative informative charming offering.” – Linda Pisani, Duxbury

Monthly Topics Include: 

Early Settlement
Civil War
Gold Rush
Women at Sea
School Days
European Travel
Holiday Traditions


$110 (+ tax), includes one mailing a month for 12 months. Subscriptions start mid-January.

Purchases will only be accepted through January 1, 2020. Subscriptions are non-refundable. Please note: the 2020 subscription series is a repeat of the 2019 series. All proceeds support the efforts of the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society. Thank you!

To buy multiple subscriptions, enter first recipient’s information and then click “Add to Cart.” You will see the first subscription in your cart, on the right hand side of the screen. Then, enter the second recipient’s information and “Add to Cart.” Follow this process until you have your desired number of subscriptions. Please call the office with any questions: 781-934-6106.