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Sally B. Sampson Winsor (1804-1867)

Sally B. Sampson Winsor
Sally B. Sampson Winsor, c. 1860

Voyage: 1841, 1849

Ship: Timoleon

Sally Bartlett Sampson was the daughter of George Sampson and Sally Bartlett. In 1829, at the age of 24, she married Daniel Loring Winsor. The Winsors has one child, a daughter named Georgiana Lloyd Winsor, born in Duxbury in 1830. Georgiana recounted in her journal that she and her mother accompanied Capt. Winsor on a trip to Havana. In 1841, while away on another voyage with her husband, Sally left Georgiana in the care of her sister-in-law, Jane Winsor (also on this list). During that trip, Georgiana fell suddenly ill and died before her parents arrived home.

In 1843, Capt. Winsor and Sally had a son whom they named George Lloyd Winsor in honor of Georgiana. Sally went on at least one other voyage in 1849, perhaps no further than New Orleans.