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Bumpus Park Improvements

Have you seen the recent improvements at Bumpus Park? Almost 140 feet of wall was repaired, raising the grade to match the surrounding area and helping to improve about 1800 square feet of the park that was suffering from overgrowth.

This much-needed work was made possible by the generous financial support of an anonymous donor, who is committed to the preserving the iconic park/wharf and supporting the mission-driven priorities of the DRHS. Additional wharf restoration is in the planning stages; anyone interested in supporting this funding opportunity is encouraged to contact Erin McGough at emcgough@duxburyhistory.org.

Bumpus Park is located across the street from the King Caesar House museum. This park is actually the remnants of the working wharf for Ezra Weston II (known as “King Caesar” because of his successful shipbuilding and mercantile business). Learn More About Bumpus Park.