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Free Digital Historic Site Tour of Duxbury

The Duxbury Rural & Historical Society is excited to announce the publication of a free digital tour of historic Duxbury. This tour uses Google Maps as an easy interface.

Some tips for operating the map:

Click on the pins for individual information.

Blue pins: properties owned by the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society

Orange pins: other areas of historic interest in Duxbury.

Use your mouse or fingers to scroll in and out of the map, making pins easier to access (you can also use the +/- buttons on the screen).

Thank you for your patience, as we continue to add material to this tour. Enjoy!

Thanks to Katherine H. Pillsbury, the author of Duxbury: A Guide, published by the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society. Also thanks to Patrick Browne & Norman Forgit, authors of Duxbury Past & Present, published by the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society. The DRHS does not warranty any published information, nor does it guarantee acess to the historic sites listed. © Duxbury Rural & Historical Society. All rights reserved.