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“Patriot Ledger” Coverage of our Archaeological Dig

By Sue Scheible
Posted Nov 09, 2012 @ 02:50 PM
DUXBURY — Down a narrow grass lane near the ocean, a group of archaeological detectives is digging for the truth.

For some of the volunteers, the chance to lie on the ground for hours, beside narrow rectangular holes, poking in the soil with small shovels, is as exciting as being a kid again.

“I’m a classical nut,” said Bob Marcell of Duxbury, barely glancing up. “I’d volunteer for this any day of the week. This is better than going to the circus.”

The chance to “see things that belonged to people who have been dead a long, long time and find out more about how they lived” enthralled him. Touching old bricks, nails, coal and pieces of porcelain was as good as touching gold…

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