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Shaw Tearoom Postcard

Advertisement with house on left and print on right. Interior image of a house shop, furnishings inside and full walls.






Shaw Tearoom Postcard, ca. 1925, Collection of the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society, Drew Archival Library, Postcard Collection

To entertain summer visitors and local guests in Duxbury, women opened a number of businesses  such as boarding houses, restaurants, and tearooms. The interior image you see here is of Mrs. Josephine Hartwell Shaw’s popular tearoom, “Three Acres,” that was open during the 1920s on Harrison Street. Tearooms offered their clientele light fare along with gifts for sale, often made by the proprietors. Josephine Hartwell Shaw (1865 – 1941) ran her tearoom primarily in the summer months, dedicating the off-season to the design and production of her jewelry which was well-known in Boston circles.

To see some of her jewelry, visit the MFA Website.


Blue and white four sided menu and brochure for Mary Hacketts with text and picturesRelated Object: Mary Hackett Menu, Collection of the Duxbury Rural & Historical Society, Drew Archival Library, DAL.MSS.090.004

Mary Hackett established her restaurant in a colonial-era home at 500 Congress Street in 1935. Although Hackett left Duxbury not long after WWII, the restaurant continued to bear her name until 1964. The advertisement for the restaurant seen here post-dates her ownership.





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Digging Duxbury

The quest for archaeological evidence of the Pilgrim past began with an 1833 dig, one of the earliest in U.S. history.

Coming to a Pilgrim Town

Coming to a Pilgrim Town

Duxbury’s Pilgrim history, combined with the town’s natural beauty, initiated a tourist boom.

Collecting in a Pilgrim Town

Collecting in a Pilgrim Town

The tourism boom brought another enterprise, the creation and sale of Pilgrim-themed souvenirs.

Lasting Legacy

Duxbury's Lasting Legacy

Duxbury never forgot its Pilgrim origins. How could it? The names continue to generate interest today.
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