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Catherine Wadsworth Drew Ford

Catherine Wadsworth Drew Ford (1804-1900)

Voyage: 1827

Ship: Duxbury

Catherine Wadsworth was the daughter of Capt. Ahira Wadsworth and his first wife, Deborah Sprague. She was raised in her family’s substantial home at 338 Washington Street, Duxbury. In 1824 she married Capt. Clark Drew (1797-1827) and the newlyweds shortly set sail on a “honeymoon” voyage. The ship was most likely the Duxbury built by Capt. Drew’s father, Charles Drew, Sr. Unfortunately, Capt. Drew succumbed to consumption on the passage from Malaga, Spain to Boston and was buried at sea. Catherine continued the voyage for another 90 days before coming home to Duxbury. In 1838, Catherine married a second time to the widower, Francis Gray Ford. His children by his first wife were grown, but she became step-mother to his youngest, 12-year old Erasmus. Catherine and Francis had one son together, Sidney Ford, in 1839 but he died at age three. After Francis’ death in 1842, Catherine lived for a time with her widowed brother and helped raise her nephew, Seaborn Wadsworth (see Beulah Holmes Wadsworth). She died at age 96 and is buried in Mayflower Cemetery, Duxbury, MA. Her sister, Marinda Wadsworth Drew and sister-in-law, Beulah Wadsworth also appears on this list.


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