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Welthea Partridge Howes (1821-1918)

Voyage: 1842

Ship: George Hallet

Welthea Partridge was the daughter of Ralph Partridge and Hannah Sprague. She graduated from Wesleyan Academy in Wilbraham, MA in 1839. In 1842 she married Capt. Eben Howes (1806-1882). Neighbor Mary Alden Cushman wrote of the match, “Capt. H was in D all the time the ship [George Hallett] was building and of course the girls were half crazy after him. The man hardly knew which one to take. The night before the ship went to Boston he offered himself to Miss P and of course was accepted…Capt. H and his lady are now in Savannah.”  Their one child, Fanny, was born in 1849 and died at age two. By 1865 the Howes had moved to Boston where Eben became a marine surveyor. Welthea died in 1918 at age 96 and is buried in Mayflower Cemetery, Duxbury.


Cushman Family Collection, DAL.MSS.035, Drew Archival Library

Grave of Welthea Howes, Mayflower Cemetery, Duxbury, MA.