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Lucy B. Nickerson Morris (1860-1953)

Voyage: 1879

Ship: Nereid

Lucy Bradford Nickerson Morris was born to Lucy Bradford Nickerson and George F. Nickerson; her mother and father sailed together. As a child and young woman, Lucy joined her parents aboard ship Nereid.

After discharging their load of coal in Sydney, Australia in 1879, the Nickersons went to Yokohama, Japan where young Lucy met and fell in love with an American clerk, Theodore Morris. The couple desired to be married but Capt. Nickerson insisted that his daughter finish the voyage. If, when back in Duxbury, she still felt the same, he would see to it that she returned to Japan. To this arrangement, she agreed.

True to his word, Capt. Nickerson sent his daughter Lucy back to Japan where she was married to Theodore Morris. Lucy’s younger sister, Helen, eventually joined her. After 18 years abroad, Theodore, Lucy and Helen moved to Los Gatos, California where they opened the Japanese-themed Nippon Mura hotel. Lucy’s mother, Lucy Bradford Nickerson, is also on this list.

Nippon Mura Inn, California. Source: Mary L. Martin (https://www.marylmartin.com)