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Jane Bolde Peterson (1834-1917)

Voyage: 1864, 1873

Ship: Unknown

Jane Bolde was the third wife of Capt. William Peterson (1820-1900), who was born and raised in Duxbury. She was born in London and married in c. 1864 in England. Their first son, William H. Peterson, was born at sea in 1865. Two children, Henry (b. 1866) and Richard (1870-1870), were born in Kingston, Massachusetts. According to the 1900 and 1910 US Census records, Jane had five children, but only three can be identified. Perhaps the other two were born and died at sea or a foreign port. Jane went on at least one other voyage: an 1873 record of passengers arriving in Boston from Liverpool aboard the Sarifa includes Jane, along with William and two children. It would not have been unusual for a family to return home via steamship once leaving their merchant sailing ship.

After Capt. Peterson retired from the sea, the family moved to St. Helena, Napa Valley, California for a time and farmed. Eventually they returned to Kingston. Capt. Peterson died in 1900; Jane in 1917.

Capt. William Peterson’s first two wives and his daughter, Helen May Peterson Bailey, are on this list.

Source: Google maps.