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Sophia Walker Smalley (1838-1907)

Voyage: 1875

Ship: Fred Eugene

Sophia Walker Smalley (1838-1907) was the daughter of Capt. Isaiah and Emily (Wadsworth) Walker. She married Capt. Adam Smalley of Maine in 1857 and went to sea in 1875 aboard Fred Eugene

Capt. Smalley came to some recognition based on a dream he had: one night, he was awakened on board the Fred Eugene by a dream, some premonition that a crew nearby was in distress. He awakened a second time, and convinced that there was truth to it, ordered his crew to change direction. They came on the Sparkenhoe and its crew, indeed, in distress. Capt. Smalley’s heroic efforts received nationwide acclaim.

Sophia Walker Smalley (1838-1907). Original painting by Taicheong in Hong Kong, private collection (Evelyn Walker).