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Louise Hayes Winsor (c. 1842-1905)

Voyage: 1872

Ship: Unknown

Louise Hayes was born in New York. At some time in the 1860s she went overland to San Francisco with her family. In 1872 she married Capt. Henry Otis Winsor (1825-1907) aboard his ship in San Francisco’s harbor. Family tradition says the ship was the Flying Cloud. This is unlikely as Henry Otis Winsor was not the captain of the Flying Cloud in 1872.  A year after their marriage, Louisa gave birth to a daughter in Brazil and named her Rio de Janiero (1873-1875).  In 1877 she gave birth to a second daughter in Yokahama, Japan. That baby did not survive. Son Harry was born in 1879 in Duxbury, MA. When in Duxbury the Winsors lived at 278 Washington Street.

After Capt. Winsor retired from the sea they family moved to New York. Louisa Winsor died before 1905.


Henry Otis Winsor Collection, DAL.MSS.068, Drew Archival Library

Daughter Rio de Janiero Winsor, born 1873 to Capt Henry Otis and Louise Winsor. Collection of the Drew Archival Library, DRHS.