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Abby D. Chandler Dawes (1829-1855)

Voyage: c. 1848

Ship: Unknown

Abby D. Chandler was born in Vermont, the daughter of John Chandler and Sally Doten. She was the first wife of Capt. James H. Dawes, marrying him in 1847. They built a house at 245 Elm Street, Duxbury, MA. The Dawes had three children, John, Flora and Savie. Abby Dawes died in 1855, at age 26, of consumption. A note by an unknown author in the Dawes Family Collection at the Drew Archives says, James Dawes brother of Josephus had two wives that went to sea…”


Dawes Family Collection, DAL.MSS.004, Drew Archival Library

Source: Google maps